Steps to turn off AT&T Stream Saver for iPhone

AT&T has officially released a new feature for its customers called Stream Saver. This is AT&T’s highly-anticipated feature, as it allows its subscribers to stream higher definition videos at a standard definition. This saves you a large amount of cellular data, especially if you are on a limited data plan.

However, Stream Saver sometimes can be a cause of annoyance if you are on unlimited data plan. Accordingly, Stream Saver automatically limits the quality of your streaming video to 480p, which may not be a good idea if you want to enjoy your streaming videos in their full resolution.

If you are now on an unlimited data plan, it’s best that you disable Stream Saver for your iPhone. Before we begin, note that Stream Saver is enabled by default for all AT&T customers. Here is how you can turn it off.

Steps to disable AT&T Stream Saver for your iPhone

Step one: First off, you need to launch Safari on your Mac and head over to AT&T official website. Once you are in, you simply need to click My AT&T tab at the top of the page

Step two: Next up, log into your AT&T account. From here, you will see your current data plan. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and hit the Manage Stream Saver under the View all usage button

Step three: On the next screen, you will notice that the toggle next to Stream Saver is now enabled, so all you need to do is to tap on the toggle to disable the feature

Step four: Once you are done, just wait a few minutes and reboot your device to apply the changes.

That’s it! Once you have disabled the feature, you now can stream your videos over cellular in the best possible resolution. However, if you are on a limited data plan, enabling Stream Saver may save you some cash.

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