Steps to show filename extensions in macOS Sierra

Normally you can notice a file extension at the end of a file. It often starts with a period, followed by letters or words like .png. Almost everyone recognizes that a file extension plays an important role because thanks to it you can see not only the file type but also the app that can open it. On your Mac, you can hide or view individual or all file extensions.

How to Hide or View Individual File Extension on Mac

Step 1.First off, you need to choose the individual file that contains extension you wish to view or hide

Step 2. Then, you need to right click on it, followed by choosing Get Info or simply pressing Command-I

Step 3. After that, to widen the section, you need to click the triangle next to Name & Extension

Step 4. Lastly, you need to tick the box next to Hide extension to hide the file extension. If you see that it is hidden, uncheck the box to view the file extension.

How to Hide or View All File Extensions in macOS Sierra on Mac

If you wish to show all files instead of one by one, you can select the option “Show all filename extensions.”

Step 1. To start off, you have to open Finder on my Mac

Step 2. Next up, you need  to click on Finder at the top left corner

Step 3. Now, it is time to choose Preferences, followed by clicking on Advanced

Step 4. Finally, you just need to check the box next to Show all file extensions to show all the file extensions.

That’s all.

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