Steps to make conference calls on your iPhone

Using your device in professional settings becomes easier with the ability to make conference calls on your iPhone. Conference calls are supported by all major carriers in the US. However, depending on your carrier, you can use the different number of lines.

For carriers using GSM, including AT & T or T-Mobile, there are up to five supported calls simultaneously. For CDMA service providers including Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular, there are up to six supported calls if you have an iPhone 6 or higher. CDMA operators support up to three calls at the same time if you have an older iPhone.

Here is how to make a Conference call on your iPhone

Step 1: You are the one who must place the first call. When the person picks up, you can tell them to wait for a while, to place them on hold or mute their call while you connect the other parties

Step 2: Next up, you need to tap Add Call. To do this, you can tap a name of someone who you want to start the second call in Contacts. Your devices will automatically place the first call on hold as soon as you do this

Step 3: All you have to do is to tap Merge Calls after the second person answers. This helps you and other people hear each other and take part in the group conversation

Step 4: You have to repeat the above steps until you’ve connected to all the people.

Here is how to drop a call, talk privately, & add incoming Calls

Step 1: You can tap the information icon to the right of the names and then tap End next to someone’s name to drop them from the conference call

Step 2: If you want to talk privately with one individual in the conference call, you can tap the info icon and then tap “Private” next to the phone number or name. After that, you can reconnect with the conference call by tapping on “Merge Calls

Step 3: Finally, you have to tap Hold Call -> Answer -> Merge Calls to add an incoming call to your current conference call.

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