Steps to disable in-app ratings and review requests on your iPhone and iPad

In iOS 10.3 beta,  Apple introduced a new feature which allows  users to turn off in-app prompts seeking feedback from users. Apps which include the new SKStoreReviewController API can bring up a new standardized prompt asking users to rate and review without the need to access to the App Store.The feature is now in beta stages and will make its debut in future iOS 10 updates.

These in-app prompts for ratings and reviews can be turned off for all apps already installed on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And here is how to disable in-app ratings and review requests in iOS:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iOS device

Step 2: Tap iTunes & App Stores.

Step 3: In order to turn off all in-app prompts for App Store reviews and ratings, you simply need to toggle the switch In-App Ratings & Reviews to the OFF position.

This setting will stop all apps from asking for giving feedback in the form of App Store ratings and reviews. And this toggle does not have any impact on your device’s apps which do not use new SKStoreReviewController API.

Please consider carefully before deactivating in-app ratings and reviews.

As already explained, the new API collects the product feedback experience with  prompts which happen three times per year per app. As Apple recommends, you should help software developers and other users know how you feel by letting the app ask for  feedback and reviews.

As usual, your submitted ratings are acceptable in  the App Store territory where the app was purchased. Additionally, you are able to directly rate and write reviews for iOS devices in App Store and for macOS apps in Mac App Store.

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