Steps to create multimedia digital business card on your iPhone and iPad

Nowadays a digital business card plays a vital role in promoting your own brand and widening your relationship network. Managing your contacts smartly is very important, so you can share them without any difficulties. Among all the apps which help you create a digital business card, no one can deny that Switchit is the most outstanding one.

Being a contact sharing and personal network manager app on iPhone, Switchit allows you to create a unique business card to promote your band. Its strong point is that video/image can be attached to your business card. Just with a vivid video or an appealing image, the value of your brand will be certainly strengthened.

How to Create Digital Business Card using Switchit on  iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Initially, you have to open the Switchit app on your iOS device

Step 2. Then, you need to tap on Add Cards tab at the bottom

Step 3. As soon as you enter the name of your new card, you tap on OK

Step 4. Once you are done, you can add other features such as title, company, phone, email, web address and address. Even, it is possible to add the link of your social account (15 social media accounts)

Step 5. Finally, you are able to upload video/image or customize your business card, using a vivid theme color to your liking. To be more specific:

  • To upload videos, you need to tap on the Upload Videos tab, followed by selecting videos from gallery or taking  new videos. If you want to use videos from your gallery, you can tap on choose from gallery and proceed with selecting Choose at the bottom right corner.
  • To upload images, it is essential to tap on the Upload Image tab at the bottom right corner. You now can choose from gallery or take new photos. Supposing that you wish to take a new one, you tap on Take photo from camera, capture one and then tap on Use Photo at the bottom.

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