Steps to clear Dropbox cache on your iPhone and iPad

There is no doubt that everyone would like to have as much space as possible, especially on their smart devices, but sometimes unnecessary apps like Dropbox occupy excessive space, thus forcing you to clean up your Dropbox cache for further use.

Currently, there are a variety of methods to clean up the mess, but here are some simple yet highly effective ways for you to take control of the storage on your iPhone and iPad. As for example, you are advised to clean up the app cache on your device regularly to make sure that your apps can make use of valuable space.

The option to clean up the cache in Dropbox for iOS devices is not easy to find, as it is hidden deeply inside the settings. Therefore, some of your files or folders will take more time to load. Nonetheless, flushing out the junk files should be conducted and your offline files will still be secured by this clean-up drive.

Steps to Clear Dropbox Cache on iPhone and iPad

Step one: First of all, you need to open Dropbox on your iOS device

Step two: Next up, you need to tap on the Setting icon located at the top left-hand corner

Step three: You now need to scroll down and tap on Clear Cache

Step four:  Finally, you just need to tap on Clear Cache at the bottom to confirm

Note: You are also able to delete the Dropbox search history as well. This may help your app run more smoothly on your device. To do this, tap on Clear Search History which is located right above Clear Cache. One more thing you should notice is that together with cleaning up app cache, you can delete useless images, videos, and messages to save more space on your iPhone.

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