Steps to bring back the iPhone missing contacts

If you are now desperate to find your contacts that suddenly disappeared from you iPhone then check out the following ways to get them back.

How to bring back the missing contacts on your iPhone

  1. Sign out of iCloud and then sign in back

Step 1: Open the Settings > iCloud

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Sign Out

Step 3: Now sign back into your iCloud account

Step 4: Turn on the toggle for Contacts

  1. Turn off contacts in iCloud and turn on again

Step 1: Open the Settings > iCloud

Step 2: Turn off the toggle for Contacts.

  • In case you are prompted to remove the previous synced contacts, tap on Delete from my iPhone. This will not affect the contacts from iCloud.

Step 3: Next up, force reboot your iPhone:

  • Press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time until your device restarts and the Apple logo appears. If you now own an  iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you have to press the Volume Down and Home button

Step 4: Go back to Settings > iCloud and turn on the toggle for Contacts.

  1. Change Groups Settings

Step 1: Launch the Phone app

Step 2: Go to the Contacts tab

Step 3: Tap on Groups at  the top left corner

Step 4: Uncheck all the  All iCloud option

Step 5: Then tap on All [iPhone name] to select it again.

Step 6: To save the settings, tap on Done

  1. Restore your iPhone from iTunes Backup

If you backed up your iPhone in iTunes before this issue happened, then you are able to restore from that backup to bring back your missing contacts.

Step 1: First off, connect your iPhone with your computer and launch iTunes

Step 2: Open the Summary page by clicking on the device icon

Step 3: Click on Restore Backup

Step 4: Select the most recent backup of your iPhone and then hit the Restore.

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