Steps to add credit or debit card details to Apple Pay

Apple Pay was first released in the United Kingdom back in July 2015. Thanks to this tool, you can purchase goods and services simply by tapping your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to a card reader as long as  that your bank supports Apple Pay. Here, we will instruct you how to set up your credit or debit card and how to pay using Apple Pay on your iPhone.

Keep in mind that Apple Pay is not a separate app, so you may be in need of updating your iOS device to the latest version of iOS. In order to use the app in the UK, make sure you are running iOS 8.3 version or newer, whereas, iOS 8.1 version would be sufficient in the US. iOS 9 and above is also compatible with Apple Pay.

How to add credit or debit card details to Apple Pay on the iPhone

If your bank supports Apple Pay and you already have your credit or debit cards linked to your Apple ID, which is used for iTunes and App Store purchases, you can continue using that card with Apple Pay. However, if your card has not yet been linked to your Apple ID, you can add it by launching Wallet and tapping Add Credit or Debit Card. Then, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID password.

You can choose to add a credit or debit card to Apple Pay. Firstly, select “Add Another Card“. Next up, follow the entry fields on the next screen. If your card is already associated with iTunes, you just need to enter the security code. But if it is totally new, you will have to carry out more complicated tasks.

Provided that you would like to speed up the your work, you can hold your device over the card. After that, the whole details on your card will be automatically added to your iPhone except for the security code, which you are forced to add afterwards. Choose Agree to the terms and conditions and tap next. In all circumstances,you  need to verify your card to ensure the safety. This process varies depending on the bank where you have registered your credit card . Apple says that you don’t need to verify your card when you first add a card. You can do it later  by going to Settings, >Wallet & Apple Pay > Wallet. After that, tap Next

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