iOS 11 beta 6: 3 features and changes

Apple has just seeded the sixth beta of iOS 11 to developers for testing purposes, fixing existing bugs and adding some tweaks to settings and features. The sixth beta serves as Apple’s last beta update to collect feedback from users and tech experts worldwide ahead of the final iOS 11 release in September.

In this article, we have outlined all the changes Apple has made to the sixth update of iOS 11. Before we dive in, keep in mind that iOS 11 is now in beta stages only, meaning that it may include bugs and errors. We are now so close to the final release of iOS 11, so if you don’t want take risks, we recommend you wait until the final build of iOS 11 is released.

  1. New app icons

Apple Park Campus is nearing completion and the Cupertino Company undoubtedly has something special planned ahead of official opening later this year. With the sixth beta of iOS 11, Apple made some visual changes to the icons for App Store and Maps, making them more intuitive.

The Maps icon now shows the area around Apple’s new Campus, while the App Store icon now includes three plain lines within a circle, moving away from the pencil-brush-ruler icon you find in the previous version. Other design changes include bolder Clock icon, new icons for the Reminders app and iMessage App Store.

  1. Audio outputs icon

In the fifth beta of iOS 11, Apple redesigned the Music app in the Control Center with a new pulsating indicator that shows all audio sources. With the release of the sixth beta, the indicator is still there, but Apple added a little thing to it.

The icon will turn blue when you are connected to an external audio output like AirPods or Apple TV. It will remain gray if you are playing music on your iPhone’s built-in speaker.

  1. Auto brightness option has been removed

In the sixth update of iOS 11, the auto-brightness option no longer stays in display settings, as it has been moved to the Accessibility settings. It remains unclear if the option will stay there when the final build of iOS 11 releases this fall.

Other changes include a new splash page for the Photos app, fish live wallpapers removed, 3D animating icons for connected AirPods, and bug fixes.

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