iOS 11 beta 5: 4 best features and changes

iOS 11, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, is just around the corner. Apple has been working on improving the latest version of iOS ahead of the final release this fall. iOS 11 has gone through four beta versions so far and has been widely welcome by users and tech experts worldwide.

The Cupertino Company has recently released the fifth beta of iOS 11 to developers for testing purposes and it includes a lot of bug fixes and adds a few changes to existing features and user interface.

In this article, we have outlined all of the changes in the fifth beta of iOS 11. Before we begin, keep in mind that iOS 11 is still in beta stages, so it may include errors and bugs. You can install iOS 11 on a secondary device, rather than your primary device to avoid possible issues.

  1. Messages in iCloud

With iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, Apple introduced a new cloud-syncing feature, called Messages in iCloud. Basically, the feature allows users to back up and sync messages between all their Apple devices.

The feature was widely welcome by developers and users worldwide, but Apple has officially removed the feature in the fifth update of iOS 11 for reasons still unknown. According to Apple, the feature will be added back in a future update of iOS 11. Tech analysts say that Apple needs more time to work on the feature before launching it in the final build of iOS 11.

  1. Control Center music icon

With iOS 11, Apple has revamped the Control Center, making it more intuitive and customizable. You now can add a wide range of controls to your Control Center for quick access. If you listen to a lot of music on your iPhone and iPad, you will be happy to know that Apple has redesigned the Music widget in the Control Center.

There is now a new animating wave icon at the top-right corner of the Music widget. Tap on it and you will see a list of all nearby audio sources like speakers, AirPods, and AirPlay devices. You can easily switch between them for better music experience.

  1. New Settings icon

With the fifth update of iOS 11, Apple has made some design changes to its app icons. The icon for the Settings app now has a dark background, moving away from the boring grey background you see countless times in the beta 4. Besides, the Camera icon has also been tweaked, removing the two lines used in iOS 10 in favor of a simpler design.

  1. Screen recording

With iOS 11, you can record your iPhone and iPad screen without the need for a Mac. Apple is finally making this feature an essential part of the OS. In the fifth beta of iOS 11, the screen recording indicator that sits at the top of screen and shows the recording time is now red instead of blue.

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