iOS 11 beta 4: 4 best features and changes

Apple has recently rolled out the fourth beta of iOS 11, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, to developers worldwide, adding some big changes to the OS. The fourth beta of iOS 11 includes a swipe feature for clearing notifications on the Lock screen, and adds several visual tweaks to icons and settings app.

The fourth beta of iOS 11 is only available for developers for testing purposes and aims to collect feedback ahead of the final release this fall. To help you get the most out of the iOS 11 beta 4, we have created a list of its best features and changes.

Before we begin, keep in mind that iOS 11 is still in beta stages, so it may include errors and bugs. Apple recommends you install iOS 11 beta on a secondary device, rather than your primary device.

  1. Notification Center

iOS 11 introduced a redesigned Notification Center. It is now much cleaner and more visually appealing. In iOS 11, the Lock screen has been merged with Notification Center, promising to offer a unique experience for any user.

With the fourth beta of iOS 11, Notification Center gets a much-desired swipe feature. Swiping left on a notification on the Lock screen will bring up options to clear it or view it. A Swipe right will reveal a big Open button. Besides, tapping on the View button will bring up a new screen that lets you use Touch ID to launch the associated app.

  1. Fake 3D Touch gesture no longer works

3D Touch is among the best highlights of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at launch. However, there was a simple way to get 3D Touch gesture on older iPhone models and all it took was performing a long press.

Previously, a long press on a notification in the Notification Center could bring up more options, including Clear, Reply, and more. However, with the iOS 11 beta 4, the gesture no longer works. If you perform a long press on a notification on an older iPhone, nothing happens.

  1. New icons

With the release of iOS 11 beta 4, Apple has introduced new icons for some apps, including Contacts, Reminders, Phones, and more. The icons for the Reminders and Notes app are now a line shorter than before, but there is nothing major changing in the apps functionality and user interface. When it comes to the Contacts app, Apple has taken some design hints from Facebook. The Contacts app icon now includes both male and female silhouettes, just like Facebook “friends” icon.

  1. Screen recording

In iOS 11, you now can record your iPhone or iPad screen without the need for Mac or an additional app or program. In the fourth beta of iOS 11, when you tap the screen recording control in the Control Center, the countdown starts. After the time runs out, the control turns red, indicating that you are now recording your screen.

iOS 11 beta 4 comes with a lot more changes to the operating system, like smarter App Switcher, new AirDrop section in Settings, splash pages for Photos and Notes, and more.

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