How to turn your Apple Watch into a flashlight in watchOS 4

Apple Watch was once just a luxury item on your wrist. However, we no longer live in those old days. Apple has been busy working on its smartwatch operating system for years to improve user experience.  The end result is a wearable device with a lot of smart and exciting features, making what we do most even better and quicker.

Apple’s wearable device is not restricted to showing time/date or weather forecasts. You now can do a lot more things with your Apple Watch like unlocking your Mac or controlling iTunes. In watchOS 4, Apple added a flashlight feature, allowing users to use their wearable device as a flashlight without the need for an iPhone.

In this step-by-step guide, we will run you through the steps to turn your Apple Watch into a flashlight. Before proceeding, make sure that you now have an Apple Watch that has watchOS 4 installed on it.

How to turn your Apple Watch into a flashlight in watchOS 4

Step one: First off, you need to open Control Center on your Apple Watch. To do this, you simply swipe up from the bottom of your watch’s screen

Step two: On the Control Center screen, you will notice that there is a flashlight icon at the bottom line. You simply need to tap on it and move to the next step

Step three: Once you do that, your Apple Watch will quickly turn into a flashlight with white color taking over your screen. Your screen gets brighter every time you move your wrist away from you

Step four: In watchOS 4, Apple introduces three flashlight modes, including traditional flashlight, strode flashlight, and red flashlight. If you swipe left on your watch’s screen, you will turn on a blinking flashlight on your Apple Watch. If you swipe left once more time, your watch’s screen will quickly turn red, which is much easier on your eyes.

Step five: To turn off Flashlight on your Apple Watch, you simply need to press the Digital Crown or Side Button, which will take you back to the Watch Face view.

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