How to fix Siri not responding issue on Apple Watch Series 3

It’s been one month since Apple officially announced the third-generation Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 3 features the same design as the second-gen model, while adding built-in LTE cellular connectivity, bigger RAM and powerful chip. The Apple Watch 3 is a great smartwatch that encourages you to upgrade.

However, we have started to hear some of the issues users are now facing with Apple’s latest smartwatch device. A lot of Apple Watch owners have reported that Siri fails to respond to their queries, forcing them to reboot the wearable device multiple times.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround for fixing Siri not responding issue on Apple Watch 3. It seems that the issue only shows up on the third-generation Apple Watch, as we have not heard any complaints from the Series 2’s owners.

How to fix Siri not responding issue on Apple Watch Series 3

In this article, we are going to show you how to download the voice for Siri. The process is pretty simple and we will show you how below.

Step one: First off, plug your Apple Watch Magnetic charging case or Magnetic charging Dock into its power adapter (your Watch needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi)

Step two: Now just simply need to plug the adapter into a power source (the process may take a long time, so we recommend you keep your smartwatch charged overnight)

Step three: Once your watch finishes downloading, you can easily check if the download is there or not. To do this, you first need to launch the Settings on your watch and move to the next step

Step four: When you are in, hit General, then tap on Siri and head to Siri Voice at the bottom. If you get the message “waiting to download”, connect your Apple Watch to a charging case and the voice will automatically start downloading to your device. Once done, trigger Siri and speak your queries.

How to set up Siri on your Apple Watch 3

Setting up Siri requires a helping hand of an iPhone. The process is pretty simple and we will show you how in section below.

Step one: Launch the Settings app from your home screen. Scroll down a little bit and tap on Siri & Search

Step two: On the next screen, turn on the switch for Press Home for Siri to activate Siri for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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