How to bookmark a webpage in Safari on your iPad

Safari is Apple’s web browsing platform that ships with every Apple device. The Cupertino company has been working hard to improve its own web browser for years in an attempt to attract more users worldwide.

Safari includes a lot of little things that may be unknown to many folks. One such thing lies in the ability to bookmark a webpage. If you are an iPad owner, the method used to bookmark a webpage is slightly different. With that in mind, we believe that we can help you out.

In this guide, we will go through the steps to bookmark a webpage on your iPad. Before we begin, make sure you now have a modern version of iOS on your device (iOS 10 or newer).

How to bookmark in Safari on your iPad

  1. How to add a bookmark in Safari on your iPad

Adding a new bookmark in Safari on an iPad is pretty simple. If you need help, make sure you follow our steps below.

Step one: Launch Safari from your home screen, then tap on the address bar at the top of the screen and then enter the URL in the blank field to visit the webpage you want to bookmark in Safari

Step two: Once the webpage finishes loading, you simply need to tap on the Share button at the top of the Safari’s toolbar and select Add Bookmark from the menu of options to proceed

Step three: A new window will show up, allowing you to quickly edit your bookmark. You can rename the title and change the folder for your bookmark. Once you are done, hit the Save button and you will then go back to the main Safari window on your iPad.

  1. How to access a bookmark in Safari on your iPad

Step one: First off, launch Safari on your iPad and tap on the Bookmark icon at the top of the screen to proceed

Step two: Tap on Favorites or your preferred folder. From here, you will see a list of all the bookmarked webpages in Safari. Locate your bookmark and open it in Safari.

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  1. How to restore your bookmarks in Safari on your Mac

Before proceeding, make sure you now have a backup of the Bookmarks.plist file on your Mac. If not, back up your Safari bookmarks first.

Step one: First off, quit Safari on your Mac and then copy the Bookmarks.plist file to the following path: Home Directory/Library/Safari

Step two: Once you are done, hit the Replace button and all your bookmarks will be restored.

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