Here is how you can use Escape button on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro is one of the greatest additions to Apples’ Mac family. Almost every tool does not stay at the same position except the Esc button which is located at the left side of Touch Bar. Normally, Touch Bar will cover this button all the times; however, sometimes it does not function properly, forcing you to use Esc alternatives.

How to Use Escape Button on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

1. Steps to access Esc Button on Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

The Esc button is located on the left side of the Touch Bar, but you also can make use of other buttons with the same function such as “X” or “Done” button on the Touch Bar.

2. Steps to Use Another Key as Escape Key on New MacBook Pro

Step 1. Initially, you have to click on Apple menu on your MacBook Pro

Step 2. To move up, you need to click on System Preferences, followed by Keyboard

Step 3. Then, you need to choose Modifier Keys in the Keyboard preferences

Step 4. Finally, you need to use menus to choose another key to use as the Esc key

For example, in case you choose Escape to the right of the Control (^) Key label, you will have to press Control to make it act as Esc key.

Note: Supposing that you do not wish to use another key as Esc key, you can repeat the steps above  and click on Restore Defaults.

3. How to force quit Apps via Esc Alternatives

Unfortunately, your app suddenly becomes unresponsive and Esc button may not function well, so you cannot make use of the Esc button as usual. To deal with that, you are in need of switching to another app. Then, you need to press Option+Command+Escape to quit the option. Besides, you can also choose Apple Menu and Force Quit.

The worst situation is that you are forced to restart your MacBook Pro. To do it, you need to access Apple Menu and press Restart or you can press and hold the Touch ID until your device turns off/on.

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