Here is how you can control AirPods without internet with Voice Control

Siri is known to be an advanced virtual assistant on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Siri can help you play any song, album or skip any song quickly, easily.

However, when the internet connection is too poor, Siri completely stops working and does not allow you to control the AirPods. Then you have to find another way to control your new headphones. At this point, you have to reply on Voice Control to make it a manual music control especially, it allows you to use wireless headphones even without internet access.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to enable Voice Control and use it to control the AirPods without internet.

How to control AirPods using Siri-like commands without Internet

How to turn on Voice Control on your iPhone and iPad

Step 1. First off, after launching Settings app on your iOS device, you continue to tap General

Step 2. Next up, you need to tap on Accessibility

Step 3. Then, you scroll down and tap on Home button

Step 4. Finally, under the Press and hold to speak section, select Voice control

Step 5:  you can exit the Settings.

How to Control AirPods using Voice Control

At this time, every time you press and hold the Home button, Voice Control will be activated and help you do many things such as play, pause, skip and return

In addition, you can also play your favorite artists, songs, albums and playlists even when you are offline

You can do this by opening the music application and starting playing any song you want. To activate voice control, you only press and hold the Home button to ask it to play, pause or skip the song.

By using simple phrases such as “Play Playlist”, “Play Album”, you can get the results you want easily.

Voice Control may not have the features and the ability to control AirPods elegantly like Siri. However, it is the best choice, a perfect solution for you when you need to control your AirPods without internet connection.

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