Facebook launches new home screen for Messenger

Facebook officially launched its Instant Games feature for Messenger on a global scale at the beginning of May. This new feature allows users to play games with one another anytime they want.

There is a high likelihood that Messenger will get a significant change. However, this time, Facebook launched a new feature that mainly helps users save time when they are both playing games and chatting with others. Sources say that a new home screen for Messenger is being rolled out, making navigation much faster and more convenient. Currently, the messaging app is divided into three separate tabs.

The first tab will let you see all of your conversations and interact with any of them with  just a tap. Next, the second tab aims at putting a clearer page in which you can see all active Messenger users from your friend’s list. Lastly, the third tab will allow you to easily jump into any group chat you are in .

Besides Messenger also comes with some other changes. Home and Calls are still located on the left of the Camera button, while Groups and People are now located on the right.

From now on, it is so easy to notice anyone who is attempting to communicate with you thanks to red dots showing up on a specific tab. This function is extremely useful  when you are doing multiple tasks at the same time. After all, it can be said that a lot of Messenger users express their satisfaction to this new feature. However, today is not a lucky day for Facebook because the EU have fined the company $122 million after the company misled information concerning the acquisition of WhatsApp, according to an earlier report.

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