Facebook introduces parametric QR codes on the Messenger platform

At an annual conference called F8 last year, Facebook, one of the most popular social networks, rolled out scannable profile codes on its mobile Messenger app. Thanks to the feature, adding a new person you have just met as your Messenger contact now becomes much easier.  At this year F8, Facebook has brought parametric QR codes on its Messenger platform. Those codes are believed to support users in facilitating content discovery in the physical world.

Like scanning a regular QR code in Scanbot, which deciphers any embedded website or product URL, you can also explore additional information about basketball games, concerts and various events just by scanning a parametric QR code in the Messenger camera.

It is said that scanning a parametric QR code will pull up an appropriate bot in your Messenger instead of directing you to an embedded webpage. Multiple parametric QR codes can be generated for one bot. For example, you can create multiple QR codes to track where a code was scanned or apply a different QR code for each table at a restaurant.

 You are now able to scan the code through the Messenger camera without having to navigate to the settings to find the app’s dedicated QR scanner feature.

According to Facebook, businesses can create multiple Messenger Codes for their bot. Then, they can discover which codes are being scanned the most. Besides, you can use separate codes to enable different bot functionalities when each is scanned.

Facebook has been rolling out many updates for months. Last month, the social network launched Stories in the Facebook app for Android and iOS. At its F8 event, Facebook also introduced its new music sharing features through the Messenger platform.

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