Chrome 58 is now available for Mac

Google today announced Chrome 58 for Mac following the release of Chrome’s version 57 a month ago. The new version for Mac, Windows and Linux comes with a lot of bug fixes and developer enhancements. In spite of the fact that Touch Bar shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro were supported in the beta versions of the browser on the Canary channel, those shortcuts no longer appeared  in the stable release.

The update of Chrome includes of 29 security fixes. All of them are listed on the Chrome Security Page in a specific way. According to developers, Chrome 58’s features include fullscreen experiences for Progressive Web Apps on Android and new sandbox iframes. In addition, it provides developers with enhanced support for large data sets as well as indexedDB 2.0 support for schema management, bulk actions and more. Another feature is custom Chrome controls for downloads, fullscreen and playback. If you would like to view the full list of changes in Chrome 58, you can access the changelog.

Google Chrome beta used to offer the Touch Bar support which included shortcuts to some of the most commonly used actions like back or forward, add to bookmarks, reload, create a new tab, search or type URL, and more.

According to sources, Chrome 58 is rolling out in the next few days and weeks. Hence, in case you still don’t get the update, don’t worry because it is coming to you.

Google is expected to bring Touch Bar support to its web browser in the future. Besides, the biggest search engine on Earth is rumored to introduce the next generation Pixel smartphones later this year. The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was debuted last year. Many third-party developers have updated their apps so that they can work with the Touch Bar and Google doesn’t want to get left behind.

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