Check out the 4 best To-Do apps for iPhone


WeDo is one of the best to-do apps out there. Basically, the app allows users to import data from Wunderlist, which will also provide users with a six month free trail of WeDo Pro . The app is particularly good at measuring how long each task takes, thus giving you the opportunity to better manage your work flow. Other useful features of WeDo include the ability to assign tasks to people included in your contact list and share lists with groups . Besides, you can also customize the app by changing its theme.


As for beginners who has just started using task manager apps, 2Do is absolutely a great choice for them because it is easy to use. 2Do lets users create tasks and plans freely your lists. Basically, lists are labeled by type, deadline and more.

Please note that this app will probably be useful for starters and it’s available to download for free.


Todoist can be considered as a great tool for making simple lists with high-end features such as a task inbox, to-do items and project lists. Similar to WeDo, you are also able to assign tasks to a project, set deadline, and more. For example, you are with a group of people running a project, then you can assign various tasks to them and even invite them to cooperate by sending an invitation to their email. Moreover, Todoist has the feature of connecting to several apps such as Evernote, Google Calendar, IDTTT, etc.

In case you want a more powerful task management app, you can upgrade the app for  $28.99 per year . The premium version offers a number of new features including reminders, labels, tags, notes, etc. Besides, you can upload images, records or videos via cloud storage services. Another feature is to link your to-do list with your Calendar app.

Remember the milk

This app mainly aims at reminding users to accomplish a task, as it sends you a notification via email, text message or social network channels such as Google, Skype, Hangouts, and more. In order to do so, you simply need to set up your preferences from the official websites.

The special thing about this app is that using the app to enter an item list is not needed. You’ll have a special  email address for sending yourself a message only and it will be automatically updated to your list.

The pro version, which offers subtasks, groups and items sorting, customizing themes feature as well as other advanced functions, is priced at $39.99 per year.

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