Check out how to record your iPhone screen in iOS 11

iOS 11 is finally here following months of endless rumors and speculation. The new version of iOS operating system introduces a lot of new features including a completely redesigned Control Center, peer-to-peer payment in Apple Pay, a new Files app and much more.

However, not all of new iOS 11 features are obvious to users, as they are hidden within the Settings app. One such feature is screen recording. In iOS 11, you can record your iPhone screen without the need for a third-party app or a Mac.

In this tutorial, we will run you through the steps to record your iPhone screen in iOS 11. Before proceeding with how you can record your iPhone screen, make sure that you are now running iOS 11, which is available as developer beta.

Steps to record your iPhone screen in iOS 11

  1. Steps to enable screen recording in iOS 11 on your iPhone

To record your iPhone’s screen, you first need to enable screen recording feature on your iPhone. Here is how to do this.

Step one: First off, you need to launch the Settings app from your home screen and then tap Control Center to proceed

Step two: Next up, scroll down a little bit and tap on the green plus button next to Screen Recording to add the control to your Control Center

Step three: Once you are done, you will see the Screen Recording under the Include section.

  1. Steps to record your iPhone screen in iOS 11

Once you have already added Screen Recording to your Control Center, you now can start capturing your iPhone screen. Here is how.

Step one: To access Control Center, you simply need to swipe up from the screen and then hit the Record button at the bottom to start recording your iPhone screen. From your home screen, you will see the status bar indicating how long you’ve been recording video

Step two: To stop your recording your iPhone screen, you simply need to tap on that status bar and hit Stop from the popup.

Once you are done, your newly-recorded video will be saved to the Photos app on your iPhone. Besides, you can edit your video and share it on social media feeds.

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