Check out five essential tips and tricks for Google Assistant

1. Add the Widget

Unlike Siri, Google Assistant cannot be activated  by long pressing the home button. Therefore, Google has created a widget which can be put in the Today View. This will probably help you go through the process in a much more convenient manner.

To do this, you will need to:

Step 1: Access the Today View

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Edit

Step 3: You will see that there is a Green Plus button next to the Assistant app name, tap on it and then tap Done

After that, Google Assistant will appear in the Today view. Next, you just need to swipe right either from the Lock screen or the Home screen to access the app. After that, hit the mic button to start talking.

2. Type to Google Assistant

If Siri doesn’t allow user to type to it then Google Assistant can do this. To type to Google Assistant, after launching the app, you just simply need to tap on the keyboard icon which is located in the bottom left, then the keyboard will appear.

3. Google Assistant cannot do iPhone system tasks

Since Google Assistant is a separate app, it cannot perform system functions. As a result, the app won’t be able to perform tasks such as turn on Bluetooth, set an alarm, send an iMessage automatically and much more.

4. Ask what you normally Google

When it comes to searching for general information, Google Assistant is likely to surpass Siri. Specifically, Siri is not great at hearing you when you ask complicated things. Google Assistant is pretty good at this. Thus, you’d better use Assistant for seeking information or anything you usually would on Google

5. Ask for Directions

If you like to use Google apps and its services rather than iCloud, Google Assistant turn out to help you a lot. Asking for direction and then Assistant will show you how to get there by offering a preview in the app. As you tap on the Directions button, it will open Google Maps.

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